mazda_taiki_concept_car_image001Always taking the non-conventional route, Mazda has once again proven that there are different means of powering a vehicle just as it did with its legendary rotary engine. Word has it that the next incarnation of the RX series, the RX-9 will be powered by a hydrogen engine.


In an effort to lay to rest the rotary’s reputation as a fuel guzzler, Mazda will introduce a green rotary engine that runs on both hydrogen and petrol. Mazda’s test vehicle dubbed the RX-8 Hydrogen RE or more recently known as the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid has been going through its development phases for more than two years now and has come to a point where it could just power future Mazda’s.


The hydrogen/petrol engine will be mated to a hybrid system that converts energy from hydrogen combustion to electricity and uses that to power the engine. The car is expected to be rear wheel drive and will feature similar design to the Taiki Concept. Expected launch – 2012.