2009 Mercedes E-Class: Best Images – Yet

2009eclassThese are the best shots ever taken of the upcoming 2009 Mercedes E-Class. The design of the new E is not hidden under any camouflage and as hard to believe as it is, it seems as if what you see here is what you will get when the new E is launched sometime next year.


With a minimal front end and a profile that rises seemingly without arc to a chunky back end, the car is reminiscent of a stretched Alfa Romeo Milano. We aren’t sure how big these wheels are, but the car’s increased upright stance makes them look exceptionally small. As usual with the launch of revolutionary E-Class designs, the car could take some time to get used to, but by the time E-Classes are clogging roads worldwide they will look perfectly natural.


There will be some excitement in the engine choices, including a 204 hp turbodiesel Bluetec, a BlueHybrid lump shared with the S400, and a 550 hp V8 in the AMG. The new E will also benefit from closer association with its spin-offs. Now that the CLK is no more, the E sedan will receive more of the spotlight that shines on its coupe and convertible siblings. If Mercedes doesn’t get tired of the clandestine attention, we’ll see the sedan for the first time at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, with the other variants to follow at Frankfurt that same year.

Source: Auto Zeitung via AutoBlog

  • N
  • Oct 1, 2008
You now how influential our malaysian car owners are when such designs are mimicked by Germany. Anyone noticed how much the stance is similar to a Saga with jacked up back suspension? hahaha
  • Z
  • Oct 3, 2008
From the side, the rear lamp looks like it was from a Lexus LS460!